Our Services

Design & Planning

Our primary service of design is something we take great pride in as a company, working closely with clients to take their initial ideas in conjunction with the site to create a design which our clients are excited and happy to see evolve from initial concept to finalized design. We take care of all the associated aspects required to make a planning application to the council and liaise with the locate planner until the planning decision is reached.


Surveying & Mapping

We provide a comprehensive land surveying service using the most up-to-date GPS technology to carry out topographical surveys of sites for planning and construction project and to assist clients with boundary clarifications and mapping of lands for solicitors in relation to sale and transfer of lands.

Certification and Mortgages

In order to assist clients in satisfying current building regulation standards and mortgage provider requirements we provide ‘Statutory’ and ‘Opt Out’ certifications as may be required by the client. This involves our attending site during construction to inspection specific or all aspects of the build depending on the type of certification required; in conjunction with completion of all mortgage documentation and certifying drawdown of funds during the build. On completion of the project, we provide ‘Statutory’ or ‘Opt Out’ certification as required.

Other Services

Building conditional surveys

we provide an inspection service for existing buildings in order to prepare a ‘conditional report’ on the property. This is a visual, non-destructive inspection and is frequently required by solicitors prior to their clients purchasing an existing property.

Building Energy Rating (BER)

we provide provisional Part L ‘Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure’ (DEAP) reports as required by building control prior to the commencement of construction and upon completion of the build, we can provide final Building Energy Ratings (BER’s)

Deleterious Materials in blocks (MICA/Pyrites)

we have the unfortunate situation in our county of the serious deteriorating of our homes and buildings due to defective blocks. We assist our clients in getting drawings prepared of their existing houses and where required prepared designs and drawings of revised or downsized homes, associated planning applications etc in conjunction with the engineer appointed to oversee the grant application.